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Thank you for your interest in an apprenticeship at AdNovum. We have already successfully filled the apprenticeships for 2021. As soon as we start recruiting for 2022, the apprenticeship positions will be posted on our website in German.


Should you have any questions about our apprenticeships or trial apprenticeships in the meantime, please send us an e-mail to jobs@adnovum.ch.

‹‹When developing frontends, I work with the latest technologies, for backends with a variety of programming languages – all for real projects.››
Nico Tuscano, computer science apprentice specializing in application development

Contact us – we are pleased to help!

Should you have questions regarding your apprenticeship at AdNovum, contact us – we will be pleased to help.


Vanessa Singer Recruitment Business Partner +41 44 272 61 11

Janina Heinrich Recruitment Business Partner +41 44 272 61 11