Jazoon: Artificial Intelligence Meets Developers

Jazoon TechDays Autumn 2017 in Zurich

On October 27, 2017, the developer community will meet for the autumn edition of the Jazoon TechDays at the SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich. The participants can expect an interesting line-up of speakers; the event is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. AdNovum has supported the Jazoon as a co-organizer and Platinum sponsor since 2014.


The three software engineers Julia Imhof, Dimitrij Burlak (AdNovum) and Nithin Mathews (Netcetera) are organizing this year's Jazoon TechDays in Zurich. As an event location, they were able to book the SIX ConventionPoint, which was reopened this summer and features a 180-degree monitor.


Why did you choose Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a topic and what is your mission?

AI is currently a hot topic across the globe. Major ICT companies are strongly promoting AI/ML services, and frameworks and applications such as self-driving cars and robots enjoy high media attention. However, there is a huge gap between the state of research and the achievements in the academic world and what is offered in software products. With these Jazoon TechDays, we want to bring AI closer to the developers and inform them about it – in a practical rather than theoretical way. Participants shall be able to use AI tools in their work after the conference.



What topics and technologies does AI include? Which ones will be dealt with at the conference?

Our speakers will be presenting some of the most prominent tools, such as Google TensorFlow, IBM Watson Developer Cloud, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and DeepLearning4J and MLlib on Apache Spark. Topics and technologies that will be covered include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Neural Networks, IoT, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Voice Assistants, Chatbots and Vehicle Automation. The topics overlap and inspire each other. Therefore, the TechDays have something in store for everyone.



What are the highlights of this edition of the Jazoon TechDays?

One of the highlights is certainly the appearance of young IT genius and visionary George Hotz aka geohot. Then also the talks of speakers such as Juliet Hougland, Mike Brevoort and Andrew Vavrek. We are particularly pleased that many major ICT companies such as Google, IBM and SAP are involved.


We would also like to mention the workshops that take place the day before the main event. Guided by a speaker, participants can delve deeper into a topic for a full day.



George Hotz (geohot)

How did you get to know the speakers?

The speakers have drawn attention to themselves through their outstanding work on and with the frameworks they present. We contacted them via social media. We are looking forward to sharing ideas and insights with the speakers and participants at the TechDays.