Jazoon: Next Generation Web

Jazoon TechDays Spring 2017 in Bern

It is happening again on April 28: At the spring edition of the Jazoon TechDays, the developer community will be gathering on the Gurten in Bern. Selected speakers will talk about the next generation web. AdNovum has been supporting the conference for the last three years as co-organizer and platinum sponsor.


Daniel Margreth and Matthias Junker, Senior Software Engineers at Netcetera, are organizing the Jazoon TechDays in Bern this year. They give us an insider's glimpse and an outlook to the conference:


Next generation web – why did you choose this topic?

Next generation web is one of the major topics in the companies for which we work. Many of our colleagues in software engineering work with it.


What technologies are covered under the next generation web topic?

The most important technology is Angular. It was already topical last year because of a new version and many extensions. In the meantime we have all gained productive experience with it, which provides the basis for an exciting exchange. We also discuss RxJS which allows for reactive programming. Further React and Redux, and finally GraphQL, a technology placed somewhere in the middle between front end and back end.


It is special about the Jazoon TechDays that we always invite people from the core team as speakers. I.e., people who have developed these technologies themselves, and who can tell for each feature or line of code, why and for what it was built and why they built it in this way and not any other way.


What are the highlights of this edition of the Jazoon TechDays?

The first thing, of course, the speakers we invited: We do not call for papers, we personally selected them. They are all top speakers, interesting people we know from discussions in forums and on Twitter and as developers of libraries. They are present all day at our relatively small conference. And with a maximum of 250 participants, you have a chance to get in touch with them personally.

We specifically recommend the backstage track. After one or two initial questions, there is often an open discussion. Because there are usually only 10–30 participants, this is easier to do than during the lectures of the main track. This is not just about technical topics. You may also learn something about the speaker's daily routine, such as how they work together at Netflix or Google, or something from their lives, like last year from the digital nomad Mike North.


We would also like to mention the workshops that take place the day before the main event. World class speakers, who are only rarely or even for the first time in Switzerland, give all-day workshops on topics in which they are second to none. This is a one-of-a-kind training opportunity in Switzerland – at a very moderate price – which does still not get enough attention.


Interested audience: Jazoon TechDays Spring 2016 in Bern

The speakers – how do you manage to get them to come to Jazoon?

We try to stand out from other conferences through our supporting program and our full service. The speakers, who often know each other personally, appreciate Jazoon as a meeting point with a personal atmosphere and reward us with their presence and word-of-mouth promotion. At the spring edition the cool location on the Gurten does help – with the Gurten railway and the view of the city of Bern. Also this year, like every year, we want to offer our speakers an exclusive group outing. We won't tell you yet where to – surprise.