AdNovum IAM Leader in Germany with NEVIS

Experton Security Vendor Benchmark 2017

The Experton Group has published the "Security Vendor Benchmark 2017" for the German market which objectively compares vendors. AdNovum ranks in the leaders' quadrant in the "Identity & Access Management Solutions" segment.


In 2016, AdNovum was awarded Security Rising Star by the German research and consulting company Experton for the NEVIS Security Suite for the first time. In addition, it was awarded product and innovation leader status in access management and federation by KuppingerCole. Now, AdNovum's NEVIS Security Suite has consolidated its position in Germany. In its "Security Vendor Benchmark 2017", the Experton Group identifies and compares 27 companies as relevant providers in the German market for the identity and access management (IAM) solutions segment. AdNovum was positioned in the leader quadrant together with major players such as Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle. In assessing the IAM providers, Experton relies on a variety of criteria, two of which are strategy and vision as well as interfaces for directory services and applications.


In its report, Experton emphasises the growing importance of identity and access management, as the number of digital identities to be managed continues to grow steadily. On the one hand, this is due to the growing number of users, devices and services. On the other hand, it is caused by increased networking with customers, external partners and even machines (IoT), all of which need digital identities. Digital identities are the key to data, devices and services, and it is both essential and crucial that they are well protected.


But Experton also notes that so far, in many companies, the introduction of identity and access management has been very slow, and limited to certain areas (isolated solutions). Experton suggests good IAM solutions may help organisations tackle the following issues:

  • Complexity: Because of the multitude of necessary access controls, rules and authorisations, identity management is very complex and a source of errors. Good IAM solutions support user companies with clear reports and helpful patterns, which can be adapted individually during the IAM introduction.
  • Dynamics: New users, devices, services, projects and tasks lead to dynamic changes in the IAM. Good solutions are flexible and support the necessary adjustments in a simple and straightforward way.
  • Compliance: There are a variety of rules on how to master identity management and good solutions support the users with sample guidelines and report templates.