Company History

From small business to renowned software company

AdNovum was founded in 1988 with a vision: to write software of the very highest quality in Switzerland. From very humble beginnings, AdNovum built itself into an established software house within ten years of its foundation.

Steady growth despite dotcom meltdown

Between 1998 and 2003, despite the dotcom meltdown, the company continued to grow at a steady clip, and soon surpassed 90 employees. During this time, AdNovum became active in internet banking, performing projects for renowned financial institutions. Among them was Zurich Invest Bank, the first pure-play internet bank, and the e-banking application for Wegelin.


IT security as a solid base

With the arrival of the web-era, AdNovum successfully established itself as an expert in IT Security. Subsequently, AdNovum has implemented a range of access and identity management projects for organizations with security-critical data. Security engineering has remained an AdNovum cornerstone.


Expansion abroad

In 2004 AdNovum opened its offices in Budapest, and in 2006 in Bern. These steps created an internationally operational company with a sharply expanded solution portfolio. Customer diversity increased as well, with companies from outside the financial industry, including the public sector, now included in AdNovum's customer base.


Sale to IHAG and exit of company founder

In 2007, Stefan Arn sold the company to IHAG Holding AG. Ruedi Wipf, who built up and led the company's Budapest operations, became CEO of the AdNovum group. Until the end of 2012, he led the company as president of the 6 executive board members together with an independent board of directors.


AdNovum goes East

In 2010 AdNovum opened a sales point in Singapore. The services offered have been again expanded to include IT consulting and application management. An additional wave of customers has been added from areas as diverse as industry, insurance and telecommunications.


Change in Management

In January 2013, Christof Dornbierer, CTO since 2008 and executive board member, takes over as AdNovum CEO. In the same year, AdNovum celebrates its 25th anniversary. At the beginning of April 2014, Christof Dornbierer hands over management of the AdNovum group of companies to Chris Tanner, formerly Managing Director of AdNovum Hungary Kft. In August 2014, AdNovum opens a new office in Vietnam to expand its software engineering capacities in Asia.


AdNovum today

Today, over 600 staff at seven locations design and build custom software solutions in Swiss engineering quality. In addition to software engineering, AdNovum's service offering now includes consulting services, application management, and support.

AdNovum - 25 years ahead

Jul 30, 2013

Anniversary site

AdNovum's anniversary page is a time journey through 25 years of company and world history. It was designed to be used on mobile devices mainly and uses parallax scrolling to make us remember minor and major events and milestones, from company dinosaurs to the end of the world and beyond.
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