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When companies think about security, they first talk to AdNovum.

Security is not always a priority for companies in terms of investment, yet due to the rising risk of cyber attacks and the increase in global regulations it is rapidly becoming a point of focus. Most of the time companies do not know where to start when it comes to analyzing, implementing and managing their cyber security architecture. That is where AdNovum steps into the picture.


With the passion, methodology and commitment of the employees of AdNovum, we provide security solutions for our customers which successfully protect their assets at all time from any adversary. Based on our knowledge and experience our solutions are realizable, plausible and always one step ahead in the market.



The key to developing a dependable and secure IT environment is being able to map business ideas, models or processes to IT concepts with a focus on security. Information flow and access management can be an integral at this stage, but a cyber security solution should also explain how sensitive information is protected throughout the whole life cycle.


Each IT environment and its needs and requirements are different. As a result the solutions needed also vary widely. From security concepts and architecture to digital identify management, AdNovum combines different aspects of cyber security to develop secure IT infrastructure and services for its clients. We can support you in:


- Designing or reviewing security architectures and concepts

- Analysis and design of all aspects regarding digital identities

- Mobile application hardening


Cyber security is not a challenge that remains static, the threats to a business’ IT environment are ever changing and evolving just as the technology to prevent such an attack also does. Analytics Based Security, the ability to discover, prevent and react to cyber attacks, can improve on an organization’s ability to provide secure digital channels and services to its customers. Today, new insights from user behavior increase the security and usability of online applications. Behavior analytics comes in as an alternative as, compared to biometric data, it captures more dynamic aspects of our identity.


Be it data encryption or user and entity behavior analytics that help detect and prevent insider threats, targeted cyber attacks or frauds, AdNovum is prepared to maintain the operational aspects and support behind the solution. We can support you in:


- Integration of fraud detection tools

- Design, review and build secure access and identity management infrastructures


You have a secure IT environment, possibly even containing updated solutions to combat known cyber risks, but this is only the beginning. The risks to your IT environment are constantly changing and testing and risk management are needed to ensure the solution you have continues to provide the level of security desired. Security testing, comprised of penetration testing and vulnerability testing, is an integral part of the process of evaluating an IT environment with regard to existing vulnerabilities and their associated risk. Identifying existing vulnerabilities is usually done with help of automated tools that try to exploit known vulnerabilities of the used components such as servers, protocols and applications.


AdNovum can manage, control and guide your enterprise security solutions so that your organizations IT environment is dependable, secure and up-to-date in terms of new regulations and compliance. We can support you in:


- Getting to know your cyber risks and how to minimize them

- Setting up an information security management system

- Analyzing information flows and finding improvements

- Being the right hand of your CISO

- Awareness trainings

Users today want secure solutions yet they don't want security to hinder their work processes. Applications therefore need to become smarter, giving users as much functionality as possible and only engage users with high-security mechanisms when absolutely necessary. We help you design an infrastructure that ideally balances these requirements.


We help you identify the best approach and solution components that allow your customers, employees or external specialists to save resources with an efficient onboarding process, reduce your helpdesk costs significantly thanks to self-service solutions, and minimize compliance risks during daily entitlements granting with the support of workflows.



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Head of IT Consulting

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