Machine Learning Security Training

The goal of this training is to make participants aware of the type of risks impacting machine learning and how to identify, assess, and mitigate them.

Don't put your machine learning efforts at risk

The advent of machine learning models and applications in the software ecosystem introduces new risks and attack vectors that are not always covered by traditional cybersecurity practices. These threats depend on a large variety of factors, from training data to model feedback loops. Due to their novel nature and to general lack of awareness, many of these risks can be easily overlooked, exposing machine learning models to abuse and attack.

What we offer

By taking part in our machine learning security training, participants will receive the tools to recognize where their models or machine learning applications are vulnerable and to apply appropriate solutions. Participants will receive course materials including slides, collaborative board, references, exercise code, solutions, and case study documents.


Security training contents

  • Different stages of development, training, and operation, such as data collection, model training, model serving, weight sharing, feedback loops, or external model integration
  • Main attack types: adversarial inputs, model leakage, model skewing, model backdoors
  • Appropriate solutions and mitigation strategies
  • Practical exercises demonstrating many possible attacks
  • Real-world cases illustrating them
  • An analysis, classification, and evaluation framework
  • Case study with an assessment of a machine learning solution

Who can benefit from security training?

  • Data scientists
  • Machine learning practitioners
  • Stakeholders involved in machine learning development

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