Strategic Advice for LANDT

Core competence of the Germany-based LANDT group is the establishment and management of credit guarantee schemes. In this context, LANDT could already rely on a variety of services provided by AdNovum.

LANDT is a group of six aligned companies with a total of 50 staff members in Germany, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The group focuses on developing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) finance through establishing credit guarantee schemes and providing technical assistance to banks and financial institutions in challenging environments. Credit guarantee schemes provide guarantees on loans by covering a share of the default risk of the loan. In case of default by the borrower, the lender recovers the value of the guarantee from the credit guarantee scheme.


There are two credit guarantee schemes, which are already successfully functioning within this corporate framework: ACGF – Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation and CGFT – Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan GmbH. Both companies are supported by partner companies on the ground and contribute to sustainable development of the private sector and foster the creation of employment and income in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.


The employees of the different programs use highly specialized applications supporting them in portfolio management, reporting, risk management and document exchange.

When it comes to IT, LANDT relies on AdNovum

Since 2014, LANDT has been relying on the experts of AdNovum for strategic and operational IT matters. AdNovum has provided, among others, the following services:

  • Engineering of architecture, taking into account country-specific infrastructure constraints
  • Support in RfP processes, including assessment of suppliers/offers
  • Quality checks/acceptance of third-party deliverables
  • Software price modeling
  • Make or buy decisions