IAM at Investor Relations Portal

NEVIS protects Segetis' stock holders portal

Segetis uses the stocks registration software SisValor Professional based on NEVIS components in the investor relations portal aktienbuch.ch to manage the digital rights for accessing share holder data.

Together with AdNovum, Segetis has developed the stocks registration software SisValor Professional. Once a company has registered its General Assembly in SisValor Professional, stock holders can order their admission card, issue proxy authorization or give instructions on the investor relations management portal (IRM portal) via the Internet site www.aktienbuch.ch. The company, on the other hand, can get daily updates about which investors have been registered for the General Assembly.

SisValor Professional: Secure application service based on NEVIS

A variety of additional features supports investor relations tasks. They include queries and evaluation and reporting of this data with Excel, PowerPoint, etc., an interface to SIX SIS (clearing and settlement system for securities transactions), and AREG data support (leading banks' standard for the electronic transmission of shareholder data).


  • Administration of user data
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Meets current legal requirements
  • Data export for MS-Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • SIX SIS interface
  • Supports AREG Data
  • Each company with its own data base and its own reports with individual request configuration


NEVIS access framework with:

  • nevisAdmin
  • nevisAuth
  • nevisProxy
  • nevisIDM
  • nevisLogRend