UBS KeyClub

New Application for Customer Incentive Management

In close cooperation with UBS AdNovum has engineered the new KeyClub application with a focus on improved usability and reduced time to market in case of changes. In addition, AdNovum ensures mainentance and support for the application.

In 2011, UBS replaced the application to manage their customer incentive system „KeyClub“, upgrading it to a new technology level. KeyClub allows UBS clients to collect points by using banking services and to redeem them like cash with UBS’ partners or with the bank.


In the new "KeyClub" application, the calculation of the points to be issued is outsourced to a business rule engine within a data mart. Every single business rule is implemented in a separate module. As a consequence, any change in a business rule only impacts the smallest possible software component, enabling an immediate and flexible implementation. No additional work is required for specification, regression test and a new release of the overall system. Thanks to the decoupled technology, changes can be made independently from the company’s release schedule – which significantly reduces the time to market of new promotions.


As an additional benefit, the new application provides more ergonomic GUIs and processes and also shorter response times. The system is more stable, better integrated with its surrounding systems and enables well structured and traceable processes for the assignment of points. The application now provides a solid basis for the integration of additional products and services and for offering online functionality to end clients.


AdNovum has designed, specified and engineered the KeyClub application in close cooperation with UBS and also ensures maintenance and support.


  • Management of members and their points
    • Register membership
    • Award goodwill points
    • Exchange checks
    • Create individual records
  • Generation of checks and statements based on the points balance and transfer to Output Management System (OMS)
  • Evaluation of client transactions and points calculation on a quarterly basis
  • Administration of partners (shops)
  • Scanning of paper checks redeemed
  • Monitoring and evaluation of checks’ state (redeemed, expired, etc.)


  • Ergonomic GUIs and processes
  • Short response times, more stable system
  • Easier use of surrounding systems’ functionality and data thanks to seamless integration
  • Configurable points calculation for the various products and services
  • Structured and traceable processes for points assignment

Key Figures and Technology

  • Approx. 5’000 users across Switzerland
  • Report engine for more than 1,2 mio. accounts
  • Web application, local Oracle database
  • Interfaces to mainframe services
  • Datawarehouse integration, separate data marts