UBS Mobile Banking

iPhone and Android App for e-banking Customers

With UBS Mobile Banking, customers of UBS e-banking can now easily access their account and stock transaction data. In addition, the application enables them to scan payment slip data for processing in UBS e-banking.


UBS Mobile Banking is available for use to all private e-banking customers of UBS in Switzerland. AdNovum developed the technical design, implemented the application and integrated it into the UBS' e-banking environment. Also, AdNovum delivers maintenance and support.


Ongoing further development

The iPhone application was implemented as a hybrid App based on the open-source framework » PhoneGap. This considerably reduces the effort for porting the iPhone App to other mobile OS such as Android or Windows Phone. Also, it reduces costs for further development as there is only one code base. UBS Mobile Banking was launched as Android App only six months after the initial launch.
On the server side, the application is based on Java EE. Authentication is effected by AdNovum's security framework Nevis that is also used for the protection of UBS e-banking. UBS Mobile Banking has been classified as reference application for UBS' future mobile applications.



  • Access to asset and transaction data (account balances and transactions, custody accounts and portfolios including detailed positions, stock exchange and securities transactions)
  • Scanning of payment slip data
  • Encryption of transmitted data
  • Anonymization of data (no names, no account numbers)
  • Reference application for UBS' future mobile applications
  • User potential of 600'000 users, over 70'000 downloads within the first 6 months