Electronic management of dossiers for SEM

eDossier for the CEMIS application

In the scope of the CEMIS project of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), AdNovum created eDossier, a system for the management of documents and dossiers for the SEM.

With eDossier, documents can be stored and managed in accordance with defined structures. eDossier also provides an interface for document exchange between user groups (for example between cantonal and national authorities).

In the initial import over a million documents were entered into eDossier.


  • Electronic management of documents, dossiers, and sub-dossiers with hierarchical storage of the documents in an Oracle database or on a file system
  • Finely-grained authentication for the saving and opening of documents
  • Interface for the import, export, or conversion of documents
  • Auditing/history per document
  • Supports document exchange between user groups (cantons, departments)
  • Modular structure, storage application can also be combined with other front ends


  • Java EE
  • Oracle
  • Solaris
  • Windows (for the conversion of MS documents)