Migration Information System for the SEM

Centralized management of personal data

The State Secretariat for Migration manages over 11 million personal data records in the Central Migration Information System CEMIS.

The consolidation of the Office of Immigration, Integration and Emigration (IMES) and the Federal Office for Refugees (FOR) into the new State Secretariat for Migration has been facilitated by a new electronic system. Using the new application CEMIS (Central Migration Information System), Swiss authorities can administer data of all foreigners (non-diplomatic) registered in Switzerland in a centralized database. The CEMIS appplication is accessed via the EJPD's » SSO portal that has also been developed by AdNovum.

The main challenge in developing CEMIS was to consolidate two systems with a totally different business logic, while at the same time integrating various other systems and applications and over 10 different organizational units (providers and recipients of data). The two registers containing personal and business data of millions of persons were merged in a big bang migration.


  • Large and complex web application
  • Consolidation of complex data and business logics
  • Integration of various peripheral systems and organizational units
  • Management of over 11 Mio data records


  • Open Source
  • Java EE
  • Apache, OpenSSL
  • Nevis components