itsbusiness AG – Architecture Analysis

IT consulting for a company spezializing in testing solutions

Should we migrate our proven simulation framework to state-of-the-art technology, or should we rather invest in developing a new solution from scratch? This is the question itsbusiness AG was faced with. In a consulting mandate, AdNovum analyzed and evaluated possible options.

itsbusiness AG specializes in making sure that their customers' system adaptions work as planned. For this purpose, the company uses specific simulations during testing and a simulation framework implemented for customers. The framework allows simulating up to 60 components for testing. Over the years, it has been continuously enhanced for the customers. The further development resulted in extended functionality, while the system's basic structures remained unchanged and thus should be consolidated and upgraded. In addition, the technology used was not state of the art anymore.


itsbusiness AG mandated AdNovum to find out how it should proceed to update its framework technologically, and ultimately turn it into a product. What does it take: evolution or revolution? Based on its IT application evolution approach, AdNovum thoroughly analyzed the system's architecture. The consultants then presented the results to itsbusiness AG, identifying four potential approaches to arrive at a future-proof solution. Among others, the consultants took into account the following factors:

  •     Added value for customers of itsbusiness AG
  •     Cost considerations
  •     Risiks

AdNovum evaluated the various options and presented a recommendation and a roadmap to itsbusiness AG. Based on AdNovum's recommendation, itsbusiness AG decided on the option they would pursue.


AdNovum was able to provide consulting services that were to itsbusiness AG's complete satisfaction. As a result, AdNovum is already working on a new consulting assignment for itsbusiness.