Generali Deutschland Group

Identity and access management for secure digital business processes

The Generali Deutschland Group introduces the IAM solution of NEVIS to ensure authentication on its digital platforms.

The requirements for the security of digital platforms continue to grow with the advancement of digitalization. For this reason, the Generali Group in Germany has defined the use of a comprehensive web access management solution, including identity management and authentication, within the framework of its digitalization strategy. The goal is to secure the customers' access to the company covering all forms of digital communication such as apps, internet browser, digital mailboxes or e-mail. An additional requirement was the seamless integration into the existing environment. It shall be possible to integrated interested parties as well as customers, partners, etc. in the same governance model. This requires a flexible, modular, stable and secure solution, which can also be operated efficiently.


The Generali Deutschland Group opted for the NEVIS Security Suite to meet this requirement. Thanks to NEVIS, some Internet applications that allow access to the company through strong authentication are already available. Two of these applications, running on the same IAM infrastructure, are the Central RechnungsApp and Vitality.


The Central RechnungsApp enables customers of the Central Krankenversicherung among other things to submit their doctor's and dentist's bills paperless, online via smartphone. For this purpose, the invoice is photographed with the smartphone's camera and then transferred to the back end. The progress of the insurance payment can then be tracked by means of the smartphone at all process stages.


With Vitality, Generali has introduced a bonus program designed to motivate customers to lead a healthier lifestyle. Generali Vitality rewards every activity with valuable Vitality points. These let customers rise in status – and thus determine the amount of their rewards.


  • Stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction thanks to easy handling and new applications
  • Future-oriented service model, rapid integration of additional services while at the same time adhering to governance, efficient operation, efficiency improvement in process management, and simplification of the discussion between business and IT on the basis of existing best practices


  • WAF / Access control by means of nevisProxy
  • Secure authentication by means of nevisAuth, including optional two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Central user administration and identity management by means of nevisIDM
  • Self-service for activation, password reset, management of security inquiries, 2FA management, etc.
  • WSTrust Security Token Service for mobile apps

Generali Deutschland Group

The Generali Deutschland Group is the second largest primary insurance group on the German market. The German part of Generali includes Generali Versicherungen, AachenMünchener, CosmosDirekt, Central Health Insurance, ADVOCARD Legal Protection Insurance, Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia and Dialog Lebensversicherung.


Facts and figures

  • 13.5 mio. customers
  • 13'000 employees
  • Smart insurance pioneer
  • Premium volume of 17.8 bln. Euros in the insurance business (2015)
  • Leading distributor with approx. 18'000 sales representatives

Integrator FSP GmbH

The NEVIS Security Suite was implemented in close collaboration with the Cologne-based product and integration partner FSP GmbH. The main tasks were to design and build a development, test and production environment that meets the requirements of Generali as well as the installation, configuration and administration of the NEVIS Security Suite, including the design and implementation of the security processes.