Web application firewall and single sign-on for Helvetia

Helvetia deploys NEVIS for the protection of its online services

For Helvetia, AdNovum has developed a security portal that offers Helvetia's customers, partners and employees single sign-on (SSO) access to online services. At the same time, the portal effectively protects such services against attacks.

Deployed as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), the reverse proxy component from AdNovum's security framework interacts with nevisAuth to perform authentication, and thereby provides a solid base for the portal's access management infrastructure. The security portal integrates web applications implemented in Java- or Microsoft-based technologies and running on several platforms into one strong security infrastructure and thereby enables rapid SSO integration of additional partners.


  • Protects all web applications accessible from outside the company network
  • Integrates several platforms and technologies
  • Implements Web SSO for customers, partners and internal users
  • Dynamically supplies user data to applications as they are needed
  • Increases the security of Helvetia's website
  • Consolidates the secruity infrastructure (authentication and WAF)
  • Integrates Helvetia with IG-B2B (portal of Swiss insurance brokers)
  •  Enables flexible integration of additional external partner companies via identity federation

Facts and Figures

  • 4'500 internal users
  • 20'000 corporate customers/partners
  • 8 authentication mechanisms (2 versions of SAML, password/userID, SecurID, Kerberos, 3 proprietary mechanisms)