Visana Identity Management Infrastructure IMI

Enhanced management of user-related data

The Swiss health insurer Visana mandated AdNovum to engineer a new identity management infrastructure (IMI). Today, the new Visana IMI system manages approx. 1'750 employee accounts to which authorizations are assigned by more than 140 roles.

The system is based on the Oracle Identity Manager and was tailored to Visana’s specific needs. AdNovum’s new solution offers higher data consistency, lower administration effort, better security and transparency, e.g., roles are automatically assigned based on a user’s organizational unit and job profile. The mapping rules are maintained by a workflow within IMI. IMI retrieves the required information on users and organizational units from the SAP-HR system integrated by a connector. This enables a system-aided authorization process, which is a major benefit in terms of data currentness, process quality and traceability.


  • Authorization management based on enterprise role model
  • Central management and evaluation (audit) of all authorizations and identities
  • Automatic role assignment based on data in SAP-HR
  • Automatic provisioning of the connected target systems, incl. Active Directory and LDAP
  • Connection to IG-B2B, the broker portal for Swiss insurance companies (user management process)
  • Significantly shorter processing times thanks to electronic approval workflows and elimination of requests on paper


  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Connectors for
    • SAP HR
    • SUN LDAP
    • MS Active Directory
    • MS Exchange
  • Use of SPML web services for integration of BlueX systems
  • Reporting based on Oracle BI Publisher
  • Provisioning of Adcubum Syrius SE through LDIF files
  • Provisioning of Adcubum Syrius ASE through LDAP