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Do you feel safe? Assess your IT risks adequately with a cyber security assessment.

Do you stay cool when you read headlines about ransomware such as WannaCry and Petya or does it worry you? In the first case, you have your IT under control, evaluated the risks in an assessment and took some measures. In the second case, it is probably about time to address the issue. The next step in both cases is a cyber security assessment. This is why:

Your IT landscape is constantly changing due to new requirements. With digitization, business-critical elements increasingly depend on IT processes and infrastructure. Are your IT systems still properly protected today? Where are the dangers? It is only when you correctly assess the risks that you can truly protect yourself.

A neutral analysis of the current situation and the appropriate measures help in steeling yourself against cyber-attacks. We identify the main risks and review your existing security arrangements. We separate risks that you better cover with an insurance policy, and we will show you what you can do yourself.

A cyber security assessment answers this question and creates new risk awareness. You can thus comfortably evaluate and implement counter-measures. If they are to include a cyber security insurance product, a situation analysis and the implementation of measures are indispensable. Only then can you take out a cost-effective insurance with the best possible benefit. Now you are prepared for cyber-attacks and on the safe side in case of an incident.ivities.

Our cyber security assessment is based on many years of experience in IT security for companies and government agencies. Following the assessment, we can help you in the choice of the specific measures, the planning or the technical and organizational implementation. Taken as a whole, you thus achieve an all-round protection and are not lulled into false security.

Are the risks known and documented?


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