IT Security Assessment for Helvetic Investments

Security Consulting on Existing Processes

AdNovum worked directly with Helvetic Investments to secure and prepare the processes, tools and people involved in the management of new financial assets / products.

Helvetic Investments Is a leading multi-family office and an independent investment advisor, established to service clients with their investment and life needs.


Helvetic Investments is holding a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License for fund management activities under the Securities and Futures Act, issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


The Challenge: Verifying IT Security Risks

Helvetic Investments was seeking professional insights into whether their existing processes around managing their new financial assets / products were secure, hence they consulted AdNovum regarding their IT security risks. They wanted to assure stakeholders of the level of IT security within.



  • GUI et processus ergonomiques
  • Temps de réponse courts, système plus stable
  • Utilisation simplifiée des fonctionnalités et des données des systèmes environnants grâce à une parfaite intégration
  • Calcul des points configurable pour les différents produits et services
  • Processus d’attribution des points structurés et traçables


The Results

  • Operations presented and design walked-through with regulator
  • Streamlined processes while keeping them secure and accepted by the customer
  • Recommendations were based on ISO 27001/27002
  • Developed regular security checklist
  • Developed governance framework
  • Supported launch of new assets trading
  • Conducted site inspections

The Benefits

  • Increased stakeholders’ confidence on IT Security
  • Increased management’s confidence and awareness on IT Security Risks
  • Addressed critical risks identified
  • Improved security posture of the people, processes and tools handling the assets