OSS Module httest Multi-talent for testing, analysis, and monitoring

Quality assurance and testing are integral parts of software development. Analysis tools that efficiently search for root causes of breakdowns are equally indispensable. The open source project httest closes gaps in these areas, particularly in the reverse-proxy environment.

The project httest was started in 2007 and has enjoyed frequent enhancements ever since. Alongside AdNovum, other companies and projects have deployed httest in productive environments to improve software quality.

Flexible and expandable

In addition to standard HTTP, httest supports a variety of other protocols. A unique characteristic of httest is its capability of emulating both client and backend in the same test script - a big advantage in proxy testing. Additionally, an ICAP server can be attached as a backend for various tasks, for example, for the verification of ICAP interface functionality.


The latest enhancements include significantly enlarged SSL connection testing and debugging functions. The httest module also has an extra tool that can analyse and emulate NTLM (an authentication process for networks). The project incorporates the latest trends. Websockets support, for example, is already offered. Also, it includes language bindings to Lua and JavaScript for building complex mockups.

Runs without Runtime

Because of its simple structure (only the httest binary is actually required), httest can also be run and installed on servers without Runtime environments (i.e. Java Runtime Environment) for various analytical purposes. The httest application areas are diverse and include simple tests, specification verification, performance testing, and system monitoring. The easy syntax enables non-specialists (without extensive programming experience) to understand and write tests.